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Lamco Timed Trough Deer Protein Feeder - 500 Lb. Capacity

SKU# ttp600

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Product Description

  • Feeds from 1 to 150 pounds of feed per day
  • Rain Sensor
  • 6 optional feed times
  • 16 ft of trough feeds multiple animals at once
  • 18" height allows fawns to feed easily
  • Maintains a clean feeding station for less waste and fewer parasites
  • Encourages daytime feeding
  • Easy to move and fill
  • All galvanized structure
  • Timer and battery enclosed in conveniently mounted lockable steel box outside the feeder
  • "The Timer"
  • 6 volt motor mounted inside feeder to keep it away from varmints and moisture
  • Wires enclosed in ridged conduit for protection

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